Ticket to Brahmatal – a trekker’s diary

While the year for 2019 was giving me more surprises, it had probably reserved the best for the last. From at least two years, I have been hearing from my friend Abhishek about his trekking stories in the Himalayas, and the views I had seen during my Leh trip had made the desire even stronger. When I look at the sequence of events that happened this year, it probably seems like this trek was destined.

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Ticket to Rishikesh

The name Rishikesh brings a unique set of memories in each of us. Some know it as a place of worship, few find it to be a place for the epitome of adventure and for others, it is a place to be lost and find oneself within. It took me two years to make up my mind and time to be here and get the gist of all. And yes! this is furthest and longest I had been on a solo trip.

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