Ticket to Kolara

This trip was a quick pilgrimage in the places around Kolara. I had a crew this time of 6 people. Our prime location was Mulabagilu Anjaneya temple. The places around Kolar have their stories knotted to Ramayana, thanks to cousin Shubha for a timely update about all the places. We added Kotilingeshwara, Kurudumale, and Antaragange… Continue reading Ticket to Kolara

Ticket to Lepakshi

Lepakshi has been appearing as one of the frequent suggestions every time I look for places to visit around Bangalore. The unique naaga-linga structure had caught my¬†attention easily. I wanted to see it for real. Also, as usual, I started to look for places on the way to plan my day better. Hithesh BhatTraveller |… Continue reading Ticket to Lepakshi