Ticket to Tirupati

We might have often heard the saying that “you go to a place when the place calls you!”, this was true for me in case of Tirupati. About two years ago, when I had planned the trip to Tirupati with family, viral-fever had appeared as Murphy’s Law and made me cancel my trip. Now after… Continue reading Ticket to Tirupati

Ticket to Ramanagara

Though during my Chennapattana and Mysore visit I had seen Ramanagar on the way, I could never make up my mind to visit. All I could see was just the huge boulders. Recently when I was trying to look for places around, few articles showed that the Legend….. (wait for it) … dary, the legendary… Continue reading Ticket to Ramanagara

Ticket to Kolara

This trip was a quick pilgrimage in the places around Kolara. I had a crew this time of 6 people. Our prime location was Mulabagilu Anjaneya temple. The places around Kolar have their stories knotted to Ramayana, thanks to cousin Shubha for a timely update about all the places. We added Kotilingeshwara, Kurudumale, and Antaragange… Continue reading Ticket to Kolara

Ticket to Lepakshi

Lepakshi has been appearing as one of the frequent suggestions every time I look for places to visit around Bangalore. The unique naaga-linga structure had caught my attention easily. I wanted to see it for real. Also, as usual, I started to look for places on the way to plan my day better.

Ticket to Pondy

It was a dream trip plan for a special day. I wanted to celebrate my birthday with a unique experience. Pondy + scuba-diving was a perfect combination. With my experience from the Rajasthan trip, the hostel was the best accommodation for a solo trip. I got a good deal at Villa Olivia for my two-day… Continue reading Ticket to Pondy

Ticket to Mysore

Mysore has been one of those places which I dreamt of visiting after hearing a lot about its weather and culture. I had to force myself to go alone for this trip since most of my close circle had already visited Mysore. One fine day, I just sat with my laptop and started to list… Continue reading Ticket to Mysore

Ticket to Channapatna

Every soul needs a trip, a solo trip. It’s just to find the endless possibilities.  One such trip I had been was to Channapatna. It was one of those days where I just had to stop my brain from its routine and explore something different. “How about a visit to a vineyard ?” said the inner… Continue reading Ticket to Channapatna